The name says enough. Roel Veldman and Bert Bloemert must have thought that when they decided to join forces. Develop a breeding loft for the future. To achieve this, you need high-quality pigeons. Both men have are top fanciers in sport for a long time. Quality is therefore largely present. Present for the breeding include a son of “Harry”, two sons of “New Herman” (brother Harry), a 1st NPO winner and a daughter of “the 781” Ruitenberg. Quality in abundance and specialized in the sector, long-distance and the young pigeons. Successfully raced with youngsters from these paires. Proven quality.

This breeding combination was set up by Roel Veldman and Bert Bloemert. Two fanatic fanciers from Staphorst who only want the very best. In the breeding loft there are “Future Harry”, direct son of the world famous “Harry” of Jan Hooymans, a daughter of the 781 of Anton Ruitenberg and “Sarah” a TOP racer and breeder of Roel Veldman. The youngsters are tested in the racing lofts of both fanciers, so not only great pedigree but also racing performance.

In addition to the above performance, we would like to highlight the following performance:

Roel Veldman

  • 3rd non-designated sector / national races Section 10

Bert Bloemert

  • 5th non-designated sector / national races Section 10

  • 1st designated sector / national races Section 10

  • 1st Ace Pigeon middle distance Department 10 (NL 2016-4789020 Joodie)